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by John Pawson


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'Span' Indoor Dining table

Natural materials are exactly that: natural, and as such no two pieces will be identical. Please bear this in mind when looking at the indicative images in this gallery.

If you would like to see our products at first hand, please contact one of our authorised dealers who will also be happy to provide advice and assistance relating to installation, maintenance and ongoing support.

“For me, everything depends on the clarity of line, form and junction”

The ‘Span’ collection was conceived as a family of simple and functional pieces defined by details of proportion and the precise manner in which horizontal and vertical, curved and angled, smooth and textured elements combine.

Available in rectangular and circular versions, each table pairs a beautiful piece of Bianco Carrara with a cherry wood structure and features careful details such as rounded edges and a simple but thoughtfully devised frame.

“For me, everything depends on the clarity of line, form and junction”. These words of John Pawson are brought to life perfectly in this collection of elegant, deceptively simple tables.

These tables are not suitable for outdoors.

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