by Ron Gilad



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Natural materials are exactly that: natural, and as such no two pieces will be identical. Please bear this in mind when looking at the indicative images in this gallery.

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It is beautiful simply as an objet d’arte

Girella is carved out of a single block of gorgeous classic Bianco Carrara marble. Its curved form seemingly defies logic, begging the question: “But how do you bend stone?”

It is beautiful simply as an objet d’arte or can also be used as a bench seat.
One of our special edition pieces designed by Ron Gilad, it was awarded “Best Domestic Design 2013” by Wallpaper*.

“This experience working on the Soft Marble Collection was intriguing, as I tend never to start a project from ‘the material’. Materials are part of the execution and usually ‘join in’ when the concept is firmed up.

That’s why the starting point of working with Salvatori placed me on unstable ground forcing me to dig and hopefully learn and discover the DNA of the material”.
Ron Gilad