3 creative (and stylish) Christmas table setting ideas


3 table decoration trends for Christmas 2022

Let your creative spirit run free with stylish Christmas decorations

Lights, an explosion of green, red and silver, and the sound of Jingle Bells. It can only mean one thing. Christmas is upon us. That also means our thoughts turn to how we are going to bring the festive spirit into our own homes in readiness for celebrating with friends and family. Of course, there are the traditional symbols and decorations, but that doesn’t need to prevent us from drawing on our creativity and transform everyday items into themed ornaments. And what better place to look than those designer accessories that are scattered around our display cabinets and shelving units.

In short, there is plenty of scope for imagination, but current trends are also a source of inspiration.

Christmas 2022 decorating trends

When it comes to trees, Christmas 2022 is all about a minimalist approach and fresh look, centred on a colour palette of pink and blue, combined with the classic metallic tones. Feel free to combine the two “this year’s” colours, or to use different shades of each. If you are a fan of warmer tones, why not go for hot pink or lilac balls, paired with golds and coppers and of course, pale yellow fairy lights. If your taste runs to cooler shades, we’d suggest you opt for blue, perfect with silver trimmings and white lights. Whichever you choose, you can be sure the result will be a joyous atmosphere with a contemporary feel.

Of course, while Christmas is the perfect excuse to let your love of bling run wild, some people will still prefer to maintain an understated, chic style. The good news is that neutral colours are bang on trend, with natural tones such as brown and beige a popular choice for decorations. Perfect with Christmas tree-green, they are sure to be embraced by fans of sophisticated décors.

Then of course, there is the perennial favourite of an all-white Christmas tree, making us think of snow and winter, even if we live in more tropical climes. This is not just about the tree itself, but also the decorations which should be primarily white, including the lights, with maybe just the occasional golden accent.

Use candles as place settings

From candles to contemporary wreaths, lights are an intrinsic element of the entire Christmas period, representing hope, warmth and fun. As we know all too well, great design often takes traditional elements and reinterprets them to create new solutions that are, at the same time, reassuringly familiar. This holds true even for the fundamental aspect of lighting, which plays an integral role in celebratory meals and occasions.

With just a couple of sticks of cinnamon, a glittery bauble and a bow, you can create a table place setting for every guest, with the flame acting almost as a way to guide guests to their seat. To avoid clashing with the delicious aromas of the culinary delights on offer, we would suggest avoiding scented candles.

Another idea is to place an arrangement of candles either in the centre of the table or dotted at intervals. This not only provides atmospheric lighting, but can make a decorative statement, if you choose a distinctive piece. With its retro design that takes us back in time, Bugia is the perfect solution and has the advantage of a saucer-like base that is ideal for adding sprigs of holly as an extra decorative element.

Be creative with vases

Another idea for the table that is sure to make an impact and wow guests is to use a vase and other decorative elements.

The key thing here is to choose a large, transparent vase, such as our Pietra L10, so that nobody misses out on a view of your decorative masterpiece. Once you have chosen the right vessel, you need to build up its layers, starting with a base of synthetic moss, followed by baby pinecones, gold and pink baubles and then a string of fairy lights. And voilà, you have a miniature Christmas garden in a bowl.

Dried fruit is another great element when it comes to Christmas table settings. Figs, apricots and ginger work perfectly with twigs, which can be used either in their natural state or spray-painted white or silver. The only limitation is your imagination here. The only rule is to balance your colours, making sure to add the right accents that contrast with the main elements so that your vase becomes a dynamic but stylish addition to the table.

How to use trays as a Christmas decoration

Trays and platters are fantastic props when it comes to Christmas decorations because they not only offer the perfect background for your ornaments and trimmings, but can also be moved from place to place. While decorative vases, as described above, are all about height, here you play with depth, meaning fewer twigs, opting instead for smaller items.

Dried fruit such as orange slices or spices such as star of anise and cinnamon sticks are the perfect complements to arrange around candles, miniature designer Christmas trees and other seasonal favourites. Simply place them artistically on green or red trays and you immediately have an evocative Christmas theme. Or, if you love a nativity scene, a tray is the perfect base to accommodate it, and if you can find a modern take on this age-old tradition, even better.

Let there be light – and caution

Imagination should have no limits when it comes to decorating, but when candles are involved, a little caution goes a long way. Don’t forget to place them safely, keeping them away from paper and other flammable materials. It would also be a shame to scorch your favourite tablecloth or leave a mark on a beautiful wooden table, so it’s always important to think carefully about where you place your candles.

The same advice holds for surfaces in natural stone which can be sensitive to extreme heat, along with acids and other substances which can create unsightly blemishes. During your festive lunch or dinner, if you or your guests spill wine or maybe a dark sauce, it’s always a good idea to wipe it off with a damp cloth sooner rather than later.

We hope these three ideas for transforming everyday accessories into Christmas decorations have inspired you. Design is not just about sketching a decor or coming up with an idea for a look, but also means thinking about how you can use objects outside their usual context. If you are looking for the perfect accessories to complete your home, or are stuck for a gift idea for a loved one, we invite you to browse our selection of Christmas gift ideas.

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