Today’s concept of luxury is evolving, and with Koushi, the innovative collection designed by Kengo Kuma, it encompasses versatility and modularity. Inspired by an age-old Japanese tradition which utilised modular solutions to maximise living spaces, Koushi offers an incredible range of customisable possibilities.
The concept is so simple that it can lend itself to furniture for any room from bathroom to bedroom to living area. In essence, it consists of a series of oak batons that are attached to each other via an ingenious joint to create the frame of a cube. Elements in wood, fabric and stone can then be added to develop the look and function you decide upon. These building blocks can be combined to create furniture ranging from a coffee table to a bookcase to a room divider.
Kengo Kuma compares it to creating a vocabulary through the choice of materials and grammar, which can then be used to express you own wishes in the form of furniture.
With Koushi, which translates as “reticular” or “network”, there are no limits apart from your imagination.

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