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Whatever type of assistance you need, we are here to help, whether you have a question about shipping, product characteristics or even how to look after your product. If you can’t find the information you are looking for on our website, or you just want to double-check a detail, please feel free to contact us.

Griglia_Design-and-planning-support Griglia_Design-and-planning-support

Design and planning support

If you require assistance during the design stage, our technical team are here to provide advice and support.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative, outside-the-box solutions, whether it’s regarding technical aspects, design questions or product combination suggestions.

Griglia_Installation-Support Griglia_Installation-Support

Installation Support

You’ve chosen your products and now you want to make sure they are installed as they should be. We have an international network of accredited Salvatori installers who will ensure the finished result is just as you envisaged it so you can enjoy your Salvatori product or products for decades to come.