Tell us a little about your role and the team around you

I have been the IT Manager at Salvatori forever, well, almost forever! I started in February 2011.
My main job is looking after IT governance and business continuity, which also includes a legal component that was recently added to my portfolio.

It probably won’t surprise anyone that innovation has a major impact on my work and the way it continues to evolve, particularly when it comes to the digital landscape. There are always many things on the go at any given time and when it comes to new technologies, systems and so on, hardly a week goes by without some sort of new improvement, procedure or solution.

I’m always on the proverbial knife edge, trying to juggle all the various priorities of our business. It sometimes feels like a ghost runner that has no mercy and simply enjoys mocking me as I try to stay on top of things.

I work with external technical resources who provide assistance via helpdesks for Office 365 and our NetSuite resource planning platform, while I have a new, small in-house team that helps me develop procedures and processes related to NetSuite.


Has Salvatori contributed to your professional and personal development? If so, how?

Absolutely! Salvatori’s culture offers you the chance to come up with solutions and put them into practice.
In the early days, it was job enlargement that mainly drove professional development, but recently there has been a significant change in terms of the products the company offers and with a strengthened network and expanding international reputation, we are more and more involved with high-level external specialists. All this opens up new doors and allows you to grow and learn.

Which of Salvatori’s values resonates most with you?

I’m particularly pleased that diversity and inclusion are being introduced in the company. I hope that this will become part of a strategy to attract talent to our head office here in Querceta and to develop even more innovative and functional solutions.


Do you think there are any particular traits or skills that you simply must have to work at Salvatori?

In my time at Salvatori, I’ve seen people who are talented but lacking the intrinsic values of respect, self-discipline and responsibility being asked to leave the company. As Harari teaches us in “A Brief History of Humankind”, Salvatori does not exist as an object in the physical world. It exists in our minds, because we believe in it and as such, it automatically assumes our own values.

What’s the best part of your working week?

Monday morning. I’m brimming with energy and raring to go. By Friday evening, however, I’m exhausted and relieved that the weekend lies ahead.

Describe Salvatori using just one adjective


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